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College of Nursing , Kottayam was started in May 1982, as the third Government College of Nursing in Kerala.

The ALUMNI association was formed in1988 under the leadership of Sr,M. Consolata, who was elected as the first president of ALUMNI association. The ALUMNI association was established with an intention to create and maintain a life-long connection between the college and its alumni members. The Alumni association works to connect alumni members, support students and build an unforgettable experience through diversity of events, programmes and services. The mission of the ALUMNI Association is to foster strong bond between alumni members and the College of nursing, Kottayam.

The association has formulated a bye-law that give guidance to the activities of the association. The major objectives of the association is as follows

  • Establish sense of esprit de corps among members.
  • Maintain an effective communication network among alumni members and the institution.
  • Provide opportunities to meet share the experiences periodically.
  • Encourage institutional loyalty and work towards educational excellence.
  • Uphold the dignity of the profession and maintain the professional standard.
  • Provide financial assistance to the members.
  • Participates in the overall development of the Institution..

Silver Jubilee Celebration

The first four batches celebrated their silver jubilee. The association usually conduct special general body meeting to honour the silver jubilee batches from 2012 onwards. In 2016 the fifth batch is celebrating their silver jubilee .so this time we have planned for a grand get- together of the first five batches as they know each other and they are the pioneers of this college. In the beginning stages of college these batches worked together for the betterment of the college even there were scarcity of faculty members, library books, physical facilities and so on . So it will be a good time to cherish the olden days .

Honouring of Teachers

Eminent teachers are the back bone of any educational institution. At that time we had few dedicated teachers who spent their valuable time, imparted their knowledge with the students during the initial period. So this time we decided to honour the teachers who taught these first five batches, so that we can show our respect and love towards them.
We expect the co-operation of the all alumni members for this year’s function. We expect your physical presence as well as financial help from each alumni member.

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